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Here's my completed Edgic

Survivor: San Juan Del Sur - Edgic by cRaZyKiD9219

Now with all that said Time to Rank the Castaways!

18th. John Rocker (16th Place: Overall Edgic, OTTN)
You know what annoys me the most? When a Celebrity is cast on Survivor, and it's implied that we are supposed to give a crap about them, and what they did in their past whether it's careers, or outside of that. Rocker here is the worst castaway of the season because not only did I never once care about what he did outside the game, but I really didn't care about what he did inside the game at all. Sure he had a few moments of "Durr Hey I found an Idol LOL HERP DE DERP! :iconretardplz: ", but he was so shit at the game that he got voted out with it in his pocket because his whole tribe hated him. Also his unneeded amount of Screentime sank in even during the finale where before the episode even started Probst narrated about Rocker having trouble in the game...when he never was a very big character to begin with. Also his sexist undertones after losing to Julie pissed me off to. Plus that whole Natalie fight was just really weird...So yeah he's a boring narrator who I am glad he got voted out third. NEXT.

17th. Alec Christy (7th Place: Overall Edgic, MORN)
We will be getting to his brother very soon, but of the pair Alec was the least interesting, most bland, douchey Frat brother who I had seen on the show in a while. He's the stereotypical young mactor who makes it far because he sucks at Survivor and he's used for vote purposes only, not once did I think he had any shot especially around the way he would shamelessly whore himself out to girls. I think in large part Alec is to blame for why Jonclyn decided to vote his alliance out because once merge came around he was just revealed to be a stupid asshole. LOL you could say he's the main reason why Josh was voted out that eppy as well. xD Yeah, Alec Sucks.

16th. Josh Canfield (11th Place: Overall Edgic CPP)
I think it wasn't until a little while ago I realized how much I really dislike Josh as a character on the show. He really has a strong following in the Fan community and several more went and stopped watching after he was taken out of the game, but honestly I was sooooo happy he was the one who got owned when he did because...

A. His first vote where he scared the hell out of Baylor for no reason. I will fight you to the death saying his vote for Baylor was actually really stupid, and even he probably knew that to, but was too self-absorbed in himself to realize the ramifications of his vote since from then on Baylor really didn’t trust him after that night. Then he wonders why she wont vote with him again after they merge, and realizes she no longer needs him which leads into the next reason….

B. He got this really annoying “You Owe Me Complex” which really made him turn into some passive aggressive douchebag at the merge. It’s scary how much he dropped in my rankings once the merge hit. He acted like he owned the place which annoyed me, and he clearly didn’t give a crap about any of the women since He, and his alliance pretty much ostracized Jaclyn, and didn’t even treat her with any respect at that point in the game, which then leads into my final reason he’s this low…

C. His jury interactions since he believed Reed was totally controlling the game (Only because Jeremy got booted that ONE TIME was the only time Reed was ever in control of the game.) Which then leads to his Jury question where even after Jon asks Jaclyn what her best move in the game was (Taking Josh out BTW) He goes back up, and repeats the same question as Jon, and Jaclyn confidently replies it was taking him out. What annoys me the most about the jury question was not only was it a repeat question, but you can tell just from how he said it he still never respected Jaclyn, and probably forced himself not to believe it was really her that took him out of the game. 

Ugh, whatever ya know what screw it, Josh is probably coming back for another season soon, so I’ll have plenty of time to bitch and complain about him then to.

15th. Wes Nale (9th Place: Edgic Rating UTR)
“Remember that episode of Two and a Half men, where you came out naked carrying pancakes and Bacon?” –Wes Nale. 

LOL his own dad Idol’d him out, what a doofus, he's really just an uninteresting character who was rightfully overshadowed by his waaaay more entertaining, and interesting father. If you can’t tell Coyopa Tribe pretty much sucked.

14th. Julie McGee (12th Place: Edgic Rating OTTM)
I have never been more disappointed in a quitter than this woman. Julie seemed to have a more mature Parvati Shallow feeling going for her which I was totally into, she was dating the obvious asshole of the season, but I liked that she seemed to have a motivation to prove her tribe wrong she was really being built up as a sweetheart who could prove that without her boyfriend she could be an amazing character, and that she was stronger than the others thought about her….but then she effing quit which really boggles my mind since she was getting such a strong build up as someone who was proving to be more than meets the eye. I still have no idea why in the fuck she quit this season, it made no sense it seemed desperate, and it was just really stupid. I don’t like Julie as a character because she literally lost me in her quit episode, man she makes no sense. I am glad she left since the season still kept getting better and better, but I will never be able to like Julie for building herself up that high only to just jump ship because everyone called her out on hording food for herself.

13th. Dale Wentworth (13th Place: Edgic Rating MORP)
Dale Wentworth is this high mainly because of his first episode where he quite awesomely created a fire, and won some time in the game, and got rid of Natalie which was awesome, but sadly after that episode he became reeeeally annoying especially since he supported Rocker for the three episodes the big guy was in. Dale was just a really annoying player because he ruined his daughters chance in the game, if it wasn’t for Dale, Kelley would never had been targeted when she was and it was all because he had to act like a jerk and talk about throwing rocks at Missy which was really out of character from the OTTP episode one character I was used to. He just seemed like he was never having a good time out there, and what was up with wearing the same outfit he wore on the island at the reunion show? Weird. I don’t really hate Dale, but when he left I felt the season improved A TON

Also lol all the Coyopa men are out xD

12th. Nadiya Anderson (18th Place: Edgic Rating MORN)
The first of the Twinnies, and she was ironically the first taken out of the game. I do find it funny how the game went down, but it was clear from the start she was still in TAR mode where she played aggressively and was trying to make a woman’s alliance early on which I don’t blame her for, it was more on how she went about it, she made herself a target because she lumped Josh into the women’s category which understandably made Josh a bit annoyed resulting in him telling all the guys to vote for her as he voted for Baylor for no reason…Josh is stupid. So yeah Nadiya, I don’t hate her, but eh, she bit off more than she could chew, and it became amazing how quickly Natalie abandoned that style of gameplay when her sister left.

11th. Kelley Wentworth (14th Place: Edgic Rating MORP)
I feel like Kelly was put on the wrong season, she seemed like a strong woman who could have been a fascinating character in another season, but because her dad had to be an ornery old crotch she was taken out sooner than I would have liked. Although it is funny how Drew wanted her out, and she went right after him.

10th. Jeremy Collins (10th Place: Edgic Rating CPM)
The Fireman from Boston, Jeremy was a pretty good narrator during the season, and he seemed to have a great gameplan going being the Hunahpu tribe leader, and having a great alliance partner choice with Natalie, but the reason he’s a bit lower is because…although he reminded me of a more athletic Rory he never really seemed to be having a good time out there, he was also annoyingly picked as the Winner of the season almost from the start, but I had a feeling he was getting a massive fall/blindside edit….which I was right. Now that part isn't his fault it’s more his fans fault for annoying me with how he was God’s gift to Survivor. Let's also factor in how he really thought he was a master strategist when he got his ass voted out and got bitter when all the other people he deemed he was better then still remained in the game, but the thing that annoys me the most was his Jury speech where all he did was play “David Murphy-Lite” he had a disappointing Jury speech, wish he delivered more on that one.

Also he was responsible for his wife’s demise since he volunteered to be in a challenge as a leader.

9th. Val Collins (17th Place: Edgic Rating CPP)
Val is a lot like Kelley where I think she;d have been better on another season she seemed so cool, and tough as nails in the game, and she took no crap from anyone even her own husband! But low and behold Jeremy has to be the leader, and it’s revealed he had to take his wife on in a reward challenge where he sent her to Exile Island making her lose valuable time to play with the others and establish relationships, she had a pretty funny elimination since she lied about having two idols, and unintentionally screwed Rocker over. Other than that I wish we had gotten to know her more she seemed interesting….Freaking Josh.

8th. Reed Kelly (8th Place: Edgic Rating UTRN)
Reed was an interesting character this season because honestly I expected to like Josh more than him, and for a while I did because he was ignored the entire first half of the season which was kind of weird because all he’d talk about pre-merge was food, and NOTHING ELSE, but once Josh left he turned into a pretty fun negative underdog where he’d talk crap about half the time, and then help get rid of Jeremy, and almost pull off an impossible vote off had Keith not ruined his plans. Now onto his jury speech….it was pretty good since half the FTC was kind of disappointing speeches and he was clearly hamming it up to be the most memorable speech of the season, but his unapologetic attitude after calling Missy a shitty parent kind of irked me. Other than that I liked him wish we saw some more of his gameplay pre-merge since it sounds like he was stirring trouble up then as well.

7th. Baylor Wilson (5th Place: Edgic Rating MORM)
The spoiled brat of the season, and it was quite clear that she was portrayed that way, whenever she didn’t get what she wanted she would be ostracized by the men, and even her own allies. She is the complete Polar opposite of Ciera from the original Blood vs Water, which is cool, but she really had no social game out there. I do find it funny how she was voted out by Natalie after she backstabbed her twin at the start of the season, and how she was idol’d out of the game. She seems like a fun person, but I wouldn’t want to play with her if I was with her. Such an amazing complex character, also I was so sure she would have been a Final Tribal Council Loser, but shiiiiiiiiit her blindside was amazing!

6th. Missy Payne (3rd Place: Overall Edgic MORM)
Missy was a unique castaway as she really was portrayed as a negative character, but had positive undertones to her edit she really was a nice woman, but in the game a lot of her negative qualities were revealed. She had an arrogance about her which was clearly there, and she acted like she owned the place a bit more than Josh did, and yes she always came running to defend her little princess if someone was bad mouthing her, and I knew that it was because of those qualities that she was doomed to lose eventually but at least she tried making relationships with her allies which is why she won Jonclyn over, and I was actually proud of her when she backstabbed Jon because it showed she really was playing the game, and was willing to make moves if she had to, and hell she made it to the endgame on a broken foot which was badass. I feel for her more now since the reunion showed she is pretty much not an evil woman at all she’s just made some mistakes in the past, and has to shoulder those loads for the rest of her life.

5th. Drew “Drewche” Christy (15th Place: Overall Edgic Rating OTTN)
“Basically I’m a Badass, and a Master Manipulator in this game!” – Drew Christy.
The man the myth the legend, the most worthless contestant since J’Tia, Drew was oodles of fun, he was such an amazing dumbass that I had to rewind my DVR multiple times just to see if he actually said what he said. Basically he’s the moron frat guy done correctly, he had waaaay more charisma than his little brother, and whenever he was acting Sleazy or stupid it was made to look more comical than his brother, he really was a fun person you wanted to see get owned, and when his elimination happened it happened at the right time because he would have gotten annoying had he made it farther than fourth boot. Just an amazing trainwreck asshole of the season.


4th. Jaclyn Schultz (Runner Up: Overall Edgic MORP)
Jaclyn was one of my favorites this season due to in large part that her, and Jon were so awesome together, they were responsible for several vote outs and blindsides after the swap, and she proved she had what it takes to play the game even without Jon, she was responsible for Josh’s elimination (Josh if you are reading this SHE CAME UP WITH THE EFFING VOTE!) and probably a few other ones besides him. I loved how dynamic her, and Jon’s relationship was to watch they really are meant for each other, and damn it had she won I bet she would have been given an even more heroic storyline. Such a role model <33333 The reasons she’s a bit lower though is because her early episodes pretty much destroyed most of her chances to win the game kind of wish she had more screen time there.

3rd. Keith Nale (4th Place: Overall Edgic OTTP)
Keith was someone who won me over the game started, he was an honest if a bit foolish character who had a fun personality to watch he reminded me of an older Fabio, and he very well could have won the season like Fabio had he made it to the last round! He was called a terrible player which is kind of true seeing he jeapordized Reed’s plan for a counterattack, but come on he played the idol for himself, he won multiple challenges, and no one could say anything terrible about it, and unlike Alec who when he was an asshole he came off as just an annoying asshole, Keith came off more as an honest fool who was waaaaay more charming. I was happy Keith made it as far as he did, and had he won I would have been satisfied!

2nd. Natalie Anderson (Sole Survivor: Overall Edgic CPP)
All hail Queen Anderson! Natalie was a true star this season and I love her infinitely more here than in TAR. The best thing that could have happened to Natalie was getting away from her sister because once she left Natalie went full on badass mode. She became a very quiet player pre-merge staying out of Major Drama, but making sure her voice was always heard, and suggested to take out Drew for being a toolbox. She was able to assess a situation and run with it, and once Jeremy was blindsided she became even more deadly after finding an idol, and telling Jon to play his idol to save himself, where she backstabbed m, and then saved his girlfriend, and then survived the final four because she made Missy and Jaclyn believe Keith was a far bigger threat to win than her I really should have made her a contender earlier since her edit was all about an eventual buildup into the Goddess Status. She truly was the best player this season and rightfully deserved her victory.

1st. Jon Misch (6th Place: Overall Edgic CPM)
I was a massive Jon Misch fan all season long, he was such a dynamic character this season he had all the qualities of a Golden boy, but he was portrayed in both a Positive, and a Negative light. He and Jaclyn really ran the game for a while which was badass, and he seemed to be a really likable person and if you don’t feel bad fr his father having brain cancer than you’re just a smelly asshole! My favorite moments of Jon are too many to count, but here’s a few of them…

A. Singing like a Disney Prince
B. Owning Rocker in the second Immunity Challenge
C. Controlling the votes with Jaclyn for so long.
D. Brooming Josh <33333
E. Brooming Jeremy <33333
F. Giving his all in challenges.
G. When he played his idol and saved himself accidentally (His reaction was priceless)
H. And after he was voted out he forgot his torch <333333333
I. His eagerness to quit a challenge for a bowl of candy!

Jon is a very fun player to watch, and I was so happy he, and Jaclyn were on this season they helped propel San Juan Del Sur into my Top 10, or 12 seasons.


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